Route #3

Click here see complete directions for Route #3, a longer loop to Fort Fairfield, Limestone and around old Loring AFB. This route is approximately 50 miles.

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Route #2

Click here to see complete directions for Route #2, which loops toward Limestone and Fort Fairfield. This route is approximately 30 miles.

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Route #1

Click here to see complete directions for Route #1, which goes through Washburn. This route is approximately 30 miles.

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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Staying in a B&B, But Were Afraid to Ask.

Here is the thing about b&bs: they are NOT motels. Think of a b&b as an anti-motel - each one unique and memorable in its own way. They are guest houses for people looking for a more unique and memorable overnight experience. We here at the Old Iron Inn run a small, European-style b&b; that is, we have only three guest rooms, we live in the house full-time, and all of the things in the house, including the collection of antique pressing irons, are our personal belongings. There is no "corporate management," just us.

Since this is our house, we take great pride in the services we have to offer. We provide a beautiful room filled with antiques, nice towels, authentic art, and Kate cooks a lovely breakfast in the morning. As you would expect of guests in your own home, we hope you will treat these things nicely: use coasters when putting a glass down on a table, hang up wet towels when you are done with them, and if your suitcase is dirty from travel, please don't put it on the hand-made quilts or antique furniture. Rock stars stay in motels rooms in order to trash them. A wide variety of interesting, intelligent, and well-traveled people stay in b&bs so they can appreciate them.

One of the more common questions we are asked is, "What's included in the price at a bed and breakfast?" The answer is: a bed and a breakfast! Breakfast is included in the cost of all rooms and can be tailored to suit any dietary requirements. Breakfast is served when you would like it to be served, within reason. If you have to be somewhere at 8:00, it is no problem to have breakfast at 7:15. Just let us know. However, please keep in mind that it is extremely inconsiderate if you ask for a particularly early breakfast and then come downstairs 2 hours after the time you requested.

Because this is our house and we live here full-time, we are available to help with advice on where to eat and to suggest things to do in the area and to give directions. Please be considerate, however, and realize that though we are here to help, we are not here to baby-sit, dog-sit or provide free chauffeuring (although we can try to help find these services, should they be needed). If you sell Amway or Avon or anything, please realize it is inappropriate to go into your sales pitch to the other guests or hosts. It goes without saying that this applies to religious beliefs, as well.

The downstairs living room and dining room are common areas for all to enjoy, so as cute as your flannel jammies are, please get dressed before you come down for breakfast. Also, even though it is tempting, please do not come into the kitchen. Not only is this against state health regulations, it is also your host's professional work space. Besides, the deal is that we cook, serve and CLEAN UP your breakfast. We know that you have to clear your own table at home, but think of this as your home, only better, because you don't have to do the dishes.

If you are going to be out very late, let your hosts know so they don't have to wait up for you. Just as you would with guests in your own home, your hosts will be waiting and worrying about you if you don't show up when you planned to return. It is not a good idea for your first night in a new place to inform the host you will be showing up around midnight or so. If your first night at a new b&b will have you showing up very late, stop in earlier in the day to get checked in and settled. That way, when you return after your meeting/dinner/wedding, etc., you are all taken care of. We have spent more than one night on the sofa, waiting for guests to show who then never do. Please, pretty please, with a cherry on top, if your plans change, call us and let us know.

Do feel free to wander around and look at things in the common areas. Books and magazines are available everywhere, and if anything piques your interest, then by all means pick it up. If you start a book and want to finish it, you can take it with you and mail it back when you are done. If there are people in the living room chatting, feel free to join in. You never know who you're going to meet - this is the best part of staying in a b&b.

Being a guest at a b&b is really just a matter of following the golden rule. Treat others and the b&b as you like to be treated. Your hosts are here to give you a genuine feel for the area and are only too happy to help with your travel plans or other trip needs, just ask!​

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